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Conversations with GSI

Monday, April 6th - Investing for People and Planet:  Why and How

Podcast, NY Times The Daily: Considering All Stakeholders

  • Join us as we begin delving into Socially Responsible Investing. The NYTimes The Daily podcast starts with a conversation about corporations considering shareholder profits "today" vs. all stakeholders. The only way forward is to consider all Stakeholders.

TED talk, with Audrey Choi: How to Make a Profit While Making a Difference

  • In her Ted Talk Audrey Choi explains how considering People and Planet does not mean forgoing profit.

Monday, April 13th - Socially Responsible Investing Today

PodCast, by First Affirmative: Shareholder Advocacy

  • First Affirmative's podcast explores how Shareholder Advocacy can be a tool for systemic change.

TED talk, with Chris McKnett: Investment Logic for Sustainability

  • In his TED talk Chris McKnett takes us deeper into how and why Socially Responsible Investing is the only way to plan for a sustainable financial future. He quotes JFK who said, "There are risks and costs to a program of actions, but they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction."

Monday, April 20th - Divestment:  A Movement

Video, The Divestment Movement

  • A fossil fuel free future that depends on renewable energy sources that work for all People and our Planet, depends on ordinary individuals working for change and demanding it. We can and must divest at an individual level, demand that our municipalities, governments and the institutions that we are a part of, divest. Learn more about this global divestment movement and consider ways that you can join in.

Video, Green New Deal Explained

  • The Green New Deal acknowledges that we must divest and decarbonize but acknowledges that we must consider the economics of this. How do we take action in ways that avoid global climate disaster and also work for ordinary Americans to come back better on the other side.

Monday, April 27th - Moving Forward: Inspiration for Financial Systems that Benefit All People and Our Precious Planet​

Podcast, by Next Economy Now: Business as a force for Good

  • In this Next Economy Now podcast, Vanessa Roanhorse shares a message of hope about how access to capital for all communities can be a tool for positive economic and climate action.

TED talk, with Audrey Choi: The ripple effect each of us has for positive change

  • In her TED talk Audrey shares a message that "the good guy" can win and that to ensure a sustainable future for all of us, we need to concentrate not on balance sheets but rather on the ripple effect that each of us can have.

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