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Certified B Corp - why?

Why choosing  a "Certified B Corp" is important

Business as a Force for Good. Understanding B Corps and why they are instrumental in our world.
Hosted by: Columbia Gorge Climate Action Network

Do you want to know more about the B Corporation movement and the B Certified Business model? Are you interested in Business As A Force for Good, either as a business and/or a consumer? Our guest speakers from local certified B Corps businesses to learn how this model is shifting the paradigm in the business world. By using business to work for shareholders and all stakeholders, like employees, customers, the natural world, and communities, the B Corp movement seeks to provide hope for People and Planet.

Featured businesses: Beneficial State Bank, Fair Planet Advisors, Love Bottle, and Tofurkey
Key speakers: Minna Yoo, Michelina Roth, Kyle Ramey, Doug Rossi, David Roth, and Craig Hill