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Why Green | ESG | SRI ?

What are ESG and SRI?

"ESG" stands for Environmental / Social / Governance.

  • Environmental refers to Green and Sustainable Business Practices.
  • Social takes into account a broad range of issues like human rights, non-discrimination, gender equity, poverty, and more.
  • Governance includes factors like corporate culture, executive compensation, diversity on boards and positions of leadership.

"SRI" stands for Socially Responsible Investing or Socially Responsible Impact Investing.

All portfolio managers screen for factors like profitability, growth, and liquidity. Socially Responsible investors screen for these factors and also use ESG  screens, often leading to a more diverse portfolio.

Does ESG/SRI investing provide a smaller investment return?  

USSIF - The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investing published research showing that ESG/SRI portfolios can offer comparable investment performance and at times have even outpaced their non-ESG counterparts.

Shareholder Advocacy, another tool of ESG Investing?  

The power of your voice, your vote via proxy voting, and filing resolutions are all important methods of changing corporations to work for the good of all.  Through Shareholder Advocacy our firm has the ability to help your voice be heard.

Barron's 100 Most Sustainable Companies as of Feb 2021

This article from Barron's Magazine is just one of the dozens we have seen recently which outline that Sustainable Investing is not only popular, but profitable.  While we do not endorse any specific holding in the article and past performance does not predict future returns, you can see there are a number of companies striving to be listed as "Sustainable" as more and more investors are demanding that their investments are doing Good For People and Planet.

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